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North and South (2004)

If I had to hazard a guess, I would suspect that a larger percentage of readers of this blog would recognize the name of Elizabeth Gaskell compared to the general population. I was introduced to her novel North and South during a Victorian English class in college, but prior to that I had little knowledge of her or her work. While she was friends and co-authored several stories with some more famous Victorian counterparts such as Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins (Woman in White), she never achieved the same level of fame. The subjects of her writings were inspired by the real social, economic and political impacts of the industrial revolution on various classes, but she was also well-known among her peers for her biography of Charlotte Bronte, authoress of Jane Eyre (another Petticoat Junction favorite by default!). If interested, there is a free version of the biography available here – a future blog post in the making!

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The Young Victoria (2009)

Everyone loves a good royal romance. At age fourteen I had a huge poster of Prince William hanging on my bedroom wall, I’m not ashamed to admit. Though there are those who believe the monarchy is an affront to human dignity (and we can see their point) we here at Petticoat Junction never¬†let that get in the way of our fantasy life.

But we digress.

Happily for the fourteen-year-old inside us,¬† The Young Victoria focuses on the relationship between Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert. They were in love, like, toad-ally; their marriage was a partnership based on friendship and mutual trust, with each promising to take care of the other — it’s the modern ideal, really. We’re not sure if this is an accurate depiction of their relationship, but it’s difficult to resist the pair’s chemistry. Very cute, although Victoria doesn’t let Albert forget who wears the crown and who’s just the spouse.

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Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Dr. Watson: Holmes, does your depravity know no bounds?

Sherlock Holmes: No.

— Sherlock Holmes

When we here at Petticoat Junction saw the preview for Sherlock Holmes, we were all tingly with anticipation. It promised to combine all our favorites – Victorian London, mystery, intrigue, and a new take on a popular fictional hero. And Jude Law and Robert Downey, Jr. aren’t too hard on the eyes, either. Having never read any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works, we were quite ready to accept this new, decidly grittier Holmes without that tweed cape and dorky matching hat.

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