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The Young Victoria (2009)

Everyone loves a good royal romance. At age fourteen I had a huge poster of Prince William hanging on my bedroom wall, I’m not ashamed to admit. Though there are those who believe the monarchy is an affront to human dignity (and we can see their point) we here at Petticoat Junction never¬†let that get in the way of our fantasy life.

But we digress.

Happily for the fourteen-year-old inside us,¬† The Young Victoria focuses on the relationship between Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert. They were in love, like, toad-ally; their marriage was a partnership based on friendship and mutual trust, with each promising to take care of the other — it’s the modern ideal, really. We’re not sure if this is an accurate depiction of their relationship, but it’s difficult to resist the pair’s chemistry. Very cute, although Victoria doesn’t let Albert forget who wears the crown and who’s just the spouse.

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